Sørveiv Conference - Kristiansand, November 2017! / by francine gorman

Very excited to share the news that i've joined the Sørveiv Conference team alongside the brilliant Andy Inglis and Daniel Nordgård!

Set to take place in Kristiansand, Norway in November, we're working hard to put together an innovative, insightful programme representing all voices within the industry - so read more about our mission and the great people that will be taking part right here...

"Conferences should be a catalyst for change and renewal, and an opportunity to raise the level of discourse in our industry, but too often revolve around the same topics, debated by the same voices. Sørveiv offers new perspectives in a conference landscape that’s become tired and formulaic. We gather the brightest minds from the global music community to meet, encourage and inform, inviting a younger, more diverse, gender-balanced and socially representative group of delegates to work through the issues and better arm our industry for the challenges that lie ahead."