Hits & Bits - A playlist for your perusal... / by francine gorman

Alongside the other playlists that I work on, I've decided to create this little gem!

'Hits & Bits' is a lazily titled sonic glimpse into whatever i'm listening to at any one time. I try to update it each week with new things that have grabbed my attention, and most weeks, it'll have Thee Oh Sees in it. This week it has two of their tracks - a starter and a finisher, both from the Live In San Francisco record which is just. brilliant. 

There's also a recent track from Peckham based artist Mellah, and a dreamy new number from up and coming Norwegian musician Jakob Ogawa, among others. So please have a listen! I hope you enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, please give the playlist a little follow and I promise to update it with great things, all the time.