Production Project: Episode 5 - Beats 1 Show, hosted by Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson / by francine gorman

The final episode of the by:Larm Takeover series airs today at 2pm (UK time)! It's hosted by Black Metal legend and top notch dude Ivar Bjørnson, known as the leader of the hugely successful Enslaved, as well as for his work with Einar Selvik of Wardruna!

He gives us a brilliant insight into the thriving Black Metal scene of not just Norway, but of the Nordics as a whole - so tune in at 2pm to hear it, or Apple Music subscribers can hear it whenever they like via this link.

This has been a fantastic project to work on, so huge thanks to Aurora, Sigrid, Ina Wroldsen, Seeb and Ivar Bjørnson for their phenomenal efforts, and big thanks to Music Norway and by:Larm for bringing me into the project <3 

ivar bjornson francine gorman.png